Real Estate Closings

Damiano Law Offices does both residential and commercial closings.  The role of the lawyer in a Real Estate Closing begins when a buyer and a seller agree on a purchase price and the items that are included in the sale.  Typically, a real estate agent will prepare the contract for both parties to sign.  However, both parties are allowed the opportunity to have an attorney review the contract to look out for their best interests in the purchase of the real estate.  This process is known as the attorney review which is a critical phase in a real estate closing.  Damiano Law Offices is here to provide protection for its clients and insure that the contract is adequate. 

Damiano Law Offices will do everything for its clients regarding the purchase or sale of real estate, including reviewing the title and survey in order to eliminate any issues that would adversely affect the property.  A closing date will be provided, a deed, affidavit of title and other closing related documents will be prepared and/or reviewed in the best interest of our client.  A HUD-1 settlement statement, a document containing all closing costs associated with the closing, will be prepared by the buyer’s attorney and reviewed by the seller’s attorney.  After the closing, we pride ourselves in our continued responsibility of insuring that the client is provided with the proper filed documents from the county so the client has no worries.  

Engaging in the Damiano Law Offices early on in the real estate process increases the likelihood that the closing will take place without any difficulties.

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