Equitable Distribution

Marriage in many ways, is like a joint venture or business partnership.  It starts out small but together both spouses in the marriage help to develop the marriage finances and make them grow.  Although a marriage may start out in the early stages with small or modest financial and economic holdings, often, over time, together both spouses help to grow the marital assets exponentially.  Whether it is through a closely held business, a job, wise investments, or raising a family, each party contributes to the overall financial wealth of the marriage, either directly or indirectly.  It is for that reason that often the centerpiece of any matrimonial litigation is the division of assets, real estate and retirement assets that each party helped develop.  Each of these items require expert evaluation and analysis in determining the values and the level of contribution from each spouse. 

Additionally, often times parties bring assets to the marriage that grow during the course of the marriage which may be partially exempt at the time of divorce.  Our highly skilled and experience matrimonial litigation attorneys work intensely with forensic accountants, real estate appraisers, other financial experts, and property evaluators to insure that our clients assets are properly accounted for, valued, and distributed appropriately.  The valuing of closely held businesses and other investment assets that have been acquired through the course of a marriage require not only financial experts but attorneys that have the skill and experience in understanding those evaluations and how to review them in a critical thinking manner.  If you are planning on pursuing a divorce where there are financial assets of any type including businesses, retirement accounts, or other investments or real estate holdings, it is imperative that you are represented by qualified, skilled matrimonial attorneys that have the experience in valuing and distributing those assets, and understanding how the Courts will approach the division of those financial assets.


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